Meet Yoyo Cao, my Style Icon of the Month! As an up-and-coming designer from Singapore, she is internationally recognized for her vivid and influential street style. She is not one to shy away from taking a risk and is known for strutting the streets in some of the most creative outfits. Yoyo continually has all us style savages longing to rock the quirky socks and heels trend along with many of her other daring looks. 

All photos taken from @yoyokulala


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  1. Obsessed w the colored fur/feathers!

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  2. Didn’t know about her, but will definetely follow her steps now. Pretty epic looks 👌🏻 RLotour xx

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  3. Hello, you help me to publicize my account? I love your account and hope one day to become like yours.💕

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  4. quirksandskirts October 3, 2016 — 6:56 pm

    I am obsessed with her style!

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  5. Hi, this is such an amazing post and I’m absolutely agreeing with you on your choice of style icon – I love it. We’d love if anyone could check out our new blog please do feel free to leave comments and advice, it would mean so much to us – xx ‘Two Crazy Youths.’

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  6. I’m gagging, I love this post. I’m a bit of a tomboy but this covered almost every possibility. I will be stealing one of these looks. Your favorite is now my favorite!

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  7. her style is amazinggg! So unique!

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