Locations: Real Alcázar, Plaza de España, and Giralda

Yes Barcelona and Madrid are must go cities when traveling to Spain, but the beauty and charm of Seville completely won me over. It’s a place with endless fashion inspiration and easily some of the best sangria in the world!


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  1. you are the cutest thing ever, love the pics and that dress. where is it from?

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  2. I love your dress, looks perfect, and you took very nice pictures of Spain 🙂

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  3. The photos are so pretty! 🙂

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  4. So PRETTY! I love it! Just followed you! I blog every day at XOXO

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  5. WOW! Love you pictures, I was just there too

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  6. Love it!! And yes, you must visit Barcelona!!! I lived there a few years ago and it’s pure magic that city!!!

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  7. The sights are amazing!!!

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  8. Sydney the Stylist October 20, 2016 — 4:49 pm

    I agree!! I’ve been to all of those places while I was studying abroad and living in Grenada. I’ve been to that very place- La Plaza de España. Pictures don’t do it justice. Thanks for posting about Spain and reminding me of all the beauty I saw there!

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  9. I’m visiting Spain in November for 10 days and only taking a carry on! lol I have been struggling with deciding what to wear there. I’m hoping it won’t be too chilly. I’ll be in Seville for 4 days then going off to Barcelona, Madrid and maybe portugal ! I’m very excited, and seeing your photo’s makes me even more excited! Great post

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  10. Absolutely love this post! Spain looks incredible and your dress is so pretty!

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  11. You’re gorgeous love the photos

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  12. Travelling to Malaga, Ibiza and Barcelona in 05.2017. Love the off-the-shoulder dress!

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  13. Beautiful blue summer dress! N lovely capture of city!! Beautiful pics! Pls check out my blog too

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