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This year has been dominated by the choker necklace! Who would have thought that I would be digging through the remaining items of my childhood in search of an accessory I used to rock in the second grade.

But I must say, I am so happy this trend is back! On my laziest of days, this is an accessory that I can always rely on to give that extra edge to a simple outfit. However, I am quite curious to see if the choker trend will withstand the test of time and last into 2017.

Photos from: Lace By Tanaya, Darpan Udas, Natasha Ndlovu,, Negin Mirsalehi, Chanel Iman, Jasmine Tookes, Gizele Oliveira


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  1. Completely and utterly obsessed with chokers! Great post!

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  2. Loving the choker trend too, it just makes your look a little bit more edgy!

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  3. Absolutely in love with chokers and the ones in your post were so cool. Keep up the good work. X

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  4. love this post!! i am completely obsess with chokers

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  5. Super fun trend but if a trend died once it will die again

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  6. I love chokers, but I am too scared to style one, what do you think??

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