Hundreds of outfits later and I’ve finally worked up the courage to share some of the threads in my closet. I’m not quite sure when this fashion addiction began, perhaps at the age of 10, when I wanted nothing more than to be 57 year old Meryl Streep in The Devil Wear’s Prada. Or maybe even earlier when my mother bestowed upon me the name of a 80’s supermodel, Iman (Ee-Mahn), destining me to a future of eat, sleep, and breathe the fashion industry. Clothes are a huge part of my identity and each day it evolves with the newest trends of the season.

I’m constantly influenced by numerous individuals from celebrities, friends, and of course the trendy Torontonians that pass by me each day. But ultimately, shout out to my parents who have, for 21 years, supported some of my most unique looks and never question my need for countless denim dresses and heels that I can barely walk in.



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  1. Thanks for following me! And can I just say your blog gives me LIFE😻


  2. Devil Wears Prada, ALL. THE. WAY. Love your blog, girly!


  3. The things we suffer for beauty! Hahaha, very nice to meet you. I salut a fellow fashionista whenever I meet one. Looking forward to reading your posts!


  4. Love your blog! The photography is so on point, and you’re absolutely gorgeous!

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